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Supply of an impressive range of high-tech equipment. Provision of professional engineering services in the field of design and implementation of technological systems and equipment.

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Automation Makes Everything Easier In Process Logistics

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Solving complex automation tasks always requires a wealth of experience in all areas of the project: mechanics, electronics, software. and, of course, the availability of a broad outlook on technical solutions in production processes for all types of equipment. many tasks can be solved by many methods, but only our experience will allow you to choose the optimal solution for your task.


Our company specializes in the implementation of complex engineering projects. The main direction of our activity is the design and production of non-standard machines and mechanisms

Comprehensive provision of equipment and engineering services to oil and gas, petrochemical, metallurgical, energy complexes, food and construction industries

The company offers a full range of services in the field of design, construction, maintenance and modernization of computer and network equipment, life support systems.

Business process automation systems;
Hardware and software solutions for servers and client workstations;
Telephone systems;
Structured cabling systems;
Data storage and backup systems;
Air conditioning and uninterruptible power supply systems.

Our Products


Hydraulics and pneumatics


Drive elements and bearings

Control and measuring devices

Compressor equipment

Drive technology

Machining equipment

Pumping equipment

Electrical equipment

Filtration equipment

Electronics and automation

Gas cleaning systems and filters

Compensators and compensating devices

Burner systems

Boiler equipment

Manufacturing of parts according to drawings

Optical and laser equipment

Fire-fighting equipment

Pipelines, pipes

Water treatment and purification systems

Insulation materials

Heat exchange equipment, recuperators

Ventilation and air conditioning

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